This was IEEE Nordic SYP 2019.

Perhaps it was the first SYP congress on a boat in the IEEE history.

The IEEE Nordic SYP theme this year was sustainability, which tried to be embraced in all of the decisions. The lunch served at the congress was sourced from a sustainable food company, and even the event hoodies were bought from a company working with sustainability.

The congress started on Friday the 25th of October, kicking off from Stockholm, Sweden. After getting everyone on board, the preparations started for the KICK-OFF presentation by Samarth Deo, the Swedish section Chair, followed by SAC talk presented by Maciej Borówka, Region 8 Vice Chair and R8 SAC Chair. 

The two following presentations were held by Rafal Sliz and Sara Barros from the IEEE Young Professionals – who also donated so much of her time advising and trying to help IEEE’s affinity groups. Last but not least, a talk was presented by Maciej Borówka replacing George Papadimitriou from IEEE Student Activities Committee, who unfortunately had to cancel in the last minute due to work. 

A KICK – OFF presentation by Samarth Deo, the Swedish section Chair

After the presentations, everyone was free to enjoy a nice shopping on the cruise with a selection of shops to visit, including a tax-free shop, before having a social dinner. The attendees were later free to explore the entertainment on board. There were entertainment shows in a modern nightclub called Starlight, with a pleasant new sea view bar in the front of the ship. 

Day 2 started with the cruise arriving in Helsinki. The Chair of the YP Finland section, Jenni, met up at the dock and took the attendees to Aalto University. The welcoming was done by Mahdi Pourakbari Kasmaei, who also gave a talk about the benefits and challenges with electrical vehicles. Next up was Joel Kärkkäinen and Rebeccah Kimotho, giving a talk about Uninterruptible Power Supplies and how vital they are, not only for ensuring data centres are always up and running, but for the entire Scandinavian power grid. 

After a social lunch, Jenni Rekola – The Chair of the YP Finland section, continued with a talk about the company she works for, Sandvik, and the challenges encountered moving towards a fully autonomous mining facility. Following this, the last speaker in Helsinki, Dmitry Petrov from Nokia, gave an interesting talk entitled “5G Network Automation and ML”.

Jenni Rekola (The Chair of the YP Finland section) presenting (Sandvik -electrification & digitization of underground mining machines)

Day 2 wasn’t over yet. After the last talk by Dmitry Petrov, the cruise was waiting. Later on, the talks of day 2 continued on the cruise. Ana Cigarán Romero, the R8 chair of WIE, gave a great talk about Women Engineers and Equality. It focused on the inequality between men and women in engineering based on hers, as well as others experiences and how to transform challenges into opportunities as a woman engineer in her career. The final talks for day 2 were about IEEE Membership Development and IEEE Student branch, chapter benefits and structure given by Levgen Pichkalov and Dr. Andrejs Romānovs.

As an ending of day 2, it was time for some fun. All the attendees joined a truth or false game. They were divided into small random groups as an opportunity to break the ice, and also to share different opinions and points of view. Of course the winning team got some prizes.

One of the teams involved trying to win in the truth or false game.

Due to winter time changes and Sweden and Finland’s different time zones, day 3 turned out to be 26 hours. Those hours were filled with great discussions, different talks and guests from the industry.

After arriving to Stockholm again, Professor Carl-Mikael Zetterling from KTH was waiting, and after having a quick coffee break, the attendees each recieved a IEEE Nordic SYP printed hoodie. The presentations of day 3 started with WIE talks, given by Elena Vasileva from Sweden WIE Chair, followed by Ana Cigarán Romero R8 WIE chair, talking about the difficulties and challenges in increasing memberships in WIE, and how they addresses the issues. 

Before continuing with the program, YP Sweden were proud to announce that they have got the honour to organize Region 8 SYP Congress 2020, R8SYP, which will be held in Gothenburg.

Thereafter the talks continued with Waled Elsayed from Volvo Cars, giving a talk about their vision of the electrification of vehicles and autonomous driving. Before lunch, Professor Carl-Mikael Zetterling from KTH presented his talk about extreme environment electronics for Venus, focused on silicon carbide electronics that can withstand the extreme conditions on Venus.

Waled Elsayed presenting (Volvo cars – A vision of the future)

The sharing of knowledge continued in the afternoon with Dr. El Houssein Chouaib Harik presenting his research at the centre for precision agriculture; aiming for reducing fossil fuels in agriculture. This was followed by an interesting talk from Celestine Iwendi, an associate professor in China, speaking about “Securing the Internet of Intelligent Things using Ai (INTRIXIT)”. Celestine gave a presentation of the researches currently ongoing, related to the security of Internet (IIoT) and 5G/6G Security Connectivity of the Cyber Physical systems. 

A Swedish fika can’t be missed on such an occation, having a chance to take a group picture with all the attendees wearing NSYP hoodies. After the fika, the final three speakers of the congress, Ambra Sannino, Gustav Frid and Ruben DeMoor gave their presentations.

A group picture with the attendees having NSYP hoodies.

Ambra Sannino from DNV spoke about her company’s work; how the power grid will change in the future based on their Energy Transition Outlook report.

Gustav Frid, strategic environmental advisor at Vattenfall, talked about the company’s vision; move to fossil free living within one generation. The presentation was about Vattenfall’s increasing focus on renewable energy sources, reducing the demand of energy producing based on fossil fuel.

The final presentation by Ruben DeMoor, chief compromise officer, was on the most challenges regarding the intersection of engineering and sustainability. 

After the closing of the congress, the attendees were free to check in at their hotels and enjoy their last night in the Swedish capital.

The congress can be summarized as a great experience for everyone. Especially YP Sweden, who were glad for the opportunity to host and organize this event together with YP Finland.

The preparations are now running for a bigger event, IEEE Region 8 SYP. YP Sweden are looking forward for seeing all of you at the next event, also expecting even more and more students and young professionals from all over region 8.

Stay tuned, the early bird reservation will be announced soon. To keep up with the latest information, keep following us on the social media platforms to be updated. 


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